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Nare Tax Services

The Company was incorporated in April 2013 in Harare Zimbabwe, but actually started operating before incorporation in August 2010.

Its main purpose is to add value in businesses by providing quality tax consultancy service throughout the industry.

The company is trading as Nare Tax Services, It is one of the growing tax consultancy firms in the country providing professional tax services and help companies across the country to identify and capitalize on business opportunities

We deliver the value that clients care about, we provide Ideas and solution tailored to meet clients needs and we produce tangible results.

Nare tax services depth and breadth of service mean that we have the resources to save any client anywhere in the country, the company also intends to venture into the SADC region in the near future

The Company is indigenously owned and proudly Zimbabwe


  • Quality
  • Efficiency
  • Effectiveness
  • Sustainability
  • Continuous Improvement


  • To Provide sound and practical application of tax legislation on business transaction
  • To Efficiently Prepare business accounts so as to legally minimize the client’s tax liability
  • To give informed tax advice to businesses
  • To train accountants and tax practitioners on the application and interpretation of tax statutes
  • To produce updated tax information including modules and handouts


Mr Sabelo Nare

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