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Tax Audit & Health Checks

Recently, tax and accounting regulations in Zimbabwe have gone through various changes. Under ever-changing business circumstances, extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of accounting, tax laws as well as other business regulations are required to perform and deliver an effective tax health-check.

Our professionals are experienced in relevant technical subjects, working with the tax authorities and consulting to companies of all sizes.
We can conduct a high level analysis of a company to provide advice on how to minimize potential tax risk from possible noncompliance as a result of the recent changes in the laws and regulations.

Our tax health-check services include:

  • Identify issues through understanding of management activities and industry-specific issues.
  • Assess accurate classification and tax treatment.
  • Perform a comprehensive review and analysis of major accounts and transactions.
  • Provide In-depth review of issue-specific laws and regulations and quantification of potential tax effect.
  • Develop appropriate solutions to minimize possible tax exposures and risks.
  • Assist with requests for rulings or interpretations by tax authorities on issues in question or dispute to minimize risks of uncertain tax liabilities from a possible challenge by the tax authorities.
  • Perform a comprehensive review of tax reconciliation to ensure all opportunities to reduce tax liability or to obtain refund of overpaid tax have been explored.
  • Identify areas where tax exemptions or reductions may be utilized to reduce future tax liability.



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